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A healthy lawn provides many benefits while also bringing peace of mind.


  • Increased property value:  A nicely kept lawn and landscape can increase property values from anywhere between 5% to 10%!
  • Fire barrier: Help protect your home from wild fires by establishing a 100 foot perimeter of turf around all buildings.
  • Water filter: Turfgrass collects water and runoff and helps in the filtering process.
  • Erosion control: Laying sod provides a reliable and immediate guard against soil erosion, especially on sloped ground. “Turfgrasses are relatively inexpensive, durable groundcovers that protect our valuable, nonrenewable soil resource from water and wind erosion.”  – Dr. James B. Beard, Professor Emeritus, Texas A&M University, January 2006
  • Dust and air pollution control: “Turfgrasses trap an estimated 12 million tons of dust and dirt released annually into the atmosphere.” – Dr. Thomas L. Watschke, Pennsylvania State University
  • Oxygen production: Did you know that just 55 square feet of a healthy grass lawn will produce enough oxygen for one person!?
  • Carbon retention and storage: “Nearly a ton of carbon per acre per year is stored in the soil of golf course fairways and greens.” – Ron Follett, Agriculture Research Service, and Yaling Qian, Colorado State University
  • Cooling effect: In areas where home owners have been encouraged to remove their lawns an interesting side effect occurred.  Electricity usage spiked due to an increase in the use of air conditioning. “The front lawns on a block of eight average homes have the cooling effect of 70 tons of air conditioning!” – Maryland Turfgrass Survey, An Economic Value Study, 1996
  • Noise and glare reduction: Sound waves are absorbed by grass and soil rather than being deflected back into the air. Sun light and other forms of light are also absorbed, reducing glare.
  • Physical and mental health benefits: “Hospital patients who were provided with an outdoor view of nature recovered more quickly than patients whose rooms viewed a hospital wing.” – University of California, Riverside Turfgrass Research Program
  • Provides great spaces for recreation: Well maintained, natural turf is the preferred playing surface of athletes everywhere.  You, your kids and your pets will enjoy time spent on a healthy, soft and cool lawn!


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